Elizabeth Water Tower

The Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club has had use of the water tower for 20+ years. The tower is located on Kettering Road which runs behind GMH. It was built in the 1940s as a head of pressure for the surrounding districts. But today things have changed with both commercial radio equipment and the club's amateur equipment installed in and on the tower.

In the centre of the tank there is a windup tower with the 2m receive antenna and a 2m yagi. Fixed down a bit lower are the 70cm repeater antenna and the higher frequency beacons. Around the rim are various packet antennas and 6m repeater antenna.

The ground floor contains the club meeting space and a shack for operating from the various antennas mounted on the tower.

Level One houses the club Library, as well as the workshops containing various test equipment and benches for building and maintaining equipment.

Level five of the tower contains the repeater equipment and various antenna poked out the windows, including all the WIFI networking, the 1.2GHz voice repeater and several other antennas.